Leaders and Sucker Rigs


Handmade in the U.S.A.

To Order: Call Jim at 320.766.8676 or e-mail

Sucker Rigs:  I have been using these rigs for the last 3 seasons and I can honestly say that I think they are the best rigs on the market today.  Jim (Owner of Glittertails) spends a ton of time making each rig by hand, they hold up very good. I have used some rigs for the entire season without having to switch them out. They have a very high hook-up percentage; during the 2010 season we landed over 80% of the fish that we set on, this is a very high percentage for a Sucker Rig.

To Order: Call Jim at 320.766.8676 or e-mail

Leader 48

Leader 18
Leader 12

48 inch Trolling Leader:  I have been using this leader for trolling for a number of years. One of the advantages of using the 48‘’ nylon copolymer leader is that you get a really nice life like wobble from your crank baits that you don’t get from using a straight wire leader. Another thing I like to do with this leader is when there is floating weeds on the surface, I will attach a treble hook with barbs removed to the split ring on the leader. It will collect the weeds and keep my lure that is 4 feet from the treble weed free. The main reason for this leaders design is to get Glittertails and other bladed lures down deep. We attach Lead balls ranging from 6 to 12 ounces to the Split Ring; this will allow you to reach any depth that you desire to reach. 

Note: Personally I do not troll any deeper than 20ft for muskies, I have found over the years that you risk killing the fish at any greater depths.

18 Inch Nylon Copolymer Night Fishing Leader:   This a great leader for night fishing, The advantage is that you can fish in total darkness but you will still know when to start your figure 8’s. All you have to do is cast and  reel in your Glittertail until  the eye on the tip of your rod hits the glow bead, Once that has happened you will know that you lure is 18 inches from your rod tip and that you will be able to keep your blades spinning on your 8’s or Ovals.

12 Inch Nylon Copolymer Leader:  This is a great leader for soft plastics like Bull Dawgs and Red October Tubes, It allow them to run with more life-like action and the leader is almost invisible under the water.


To Order: Call Jim at 320.766.8676 or e-mail

Handmade in the U.S.A.






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