2011 Musky Stalker Signature SeriesGlittertail and Trophy Hunter Accessories have just released the Musky Stalker Signature Series for 2011. I have personally been using Glittertails for the last 5 years and helped in their design. I know the lures in this collection catch muskies because they have caught many for me and my clients. These are some of the best producers in my boat and now they are available to you.

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Why should I buy a Glittertail?


Versatility: Simply put the Glittertail is the most versatile big bladed bucktail on the market today. It has a separate blade and skirt constructions that are attached by an 80lb test split ring. This construction gives you the capability to mix and match different blade and skirt units in a matter of seconds. The only tool you need is a good pair of split ring pliers.

Affordability: If you are a diehard muskie fisherman like me, you have probably had numerous lures destroyed by the toothy critters that we catch. What is great about the glittertail is that if you destroy the blade or skirt unit you do not have to throw away the lure, you can just attach a new blade unit or skirt unit and you are good to go. Unlike our competitors you would not have to spend $25 every time your lure breaks.

Handmade in the U.S.A.



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Glittertail's are 10 inches long featuring 2 #8/0 treble hooks and a blade unit with 2#10x.025" thick musky magnum blades, (Series A-8: 3.4 oz. weighted lure wt.) (Series LA-8; 2.8 oz. non-weighted lure wt.)


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These babies have been used in my boat for the last 3 seasons and they have produced exceptionally well. The Indiana blades have almost no drag running through the water but generate the same vortex as the Colorado's. We have done really well with these lures on high pressured lakes. You can burn them all day and you will feel very little fatigue on your wrist and shoulders. They also cast like a bullet into the wind!

Mini-Glittertail's are 7.5 inches long featuring 1 #7/0 treble hook and a blade unit with 2 #12 x.025" thick Magnum Indiana blades, (Series B-5: 1.77 oz. lure wt.)


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The Glitterspins' head and body design are produced by Rad Dog Lures. The skirt and blades are assembled by Glittertail. The Glitterspin features a 2 1/2 oz. head which is great for fall fishing or fishing lakes with deep weedlines. It allows you to get the lure to depths that you cannot reach with a standard spinnerbait. The Glitterspin can also be trolled at high speeds (4-6mph) without blowing out or running to the side. It has great balance in the water. (2.5 oz. head with 1 #6 Colorado and choice of 1 #10 Colorado or Willowleaf blade.)

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