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Lake Mille Lacs

Mille Lacs Lake is Minnesota's second largest body of water at 132,000 acres. It is world renowned for its abiltiy to kick out record-sized muskies. It is most likely going to be the home of the next Minnesota state record. Over the last few years there have been fish caught on Mille Lacs that have been only a few pounds short of the current record. The reason the fish on Mille Lacs reach such unheard of sizes is because the lake is absolutely loaded with every type of forage a musky would want to eat, like Tulibees, Jumbo Perch and Suckers.
Mille Lacs is a low density trophy fishery that I only guide during peak times of the year. I do recommend that you have a musky fishing background before you book a trip with me on this lake. Due to Mille Lac's bowl-like shape it can get incredibly windy out there and it takes anglers with tremendous balance and skill in the boat to fish the lake effectively. Some of the best spots on the lake turn on when the wind is blowing into them.

Recommended Lodging:

McQuoid's Inn (320) 676-3535

Red Door Resort/Motel (218) 678-3686

Eddy's Resort (320) 532-3657






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