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Pelican Lake


Pelican Lake is a 3,986 acre lake that is located seven miles north of Pelican Rapids, MN in Ottertail County. Pelican is a muskie fisherman's paradise. It offers every type of structure I like to fish, rock reefs, bars, sunken islands, and tons of emerged vegetation. With a huge forage base of suckers, tulibee, perch, and even mud puppies. Has given Pelican the ability to kick out some real pigs!!! A couple years ago there was a 55"caught that had a 26" inch girth. On a personal note to this date my longest and fattest muskies have both been caught from Pelican Lake.

Recommended Lodging:

FairHills Resort (800) 323-2849

Pelican Hills RV Park (800) 430-2267




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